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Membership service. Premium strategy to increase the number of super users
The membership economy is a business framework that has been attracting worldwide attention since 2016. The concept of membership services has been mainly provided by airlines' mileage services since it first started at Western Airlines in the United States, but recently, various companies around the world have implemented membership services that apply the right way for each business, giving users various benefits. In particular, membership services expanded in the distribution industry are once again attracting attention in the online market combined with ICT.
In the case of Korea, it was first introduced by Korean Air in 1984, and in 1990, telecommunication companies and gas stations began offering discount or accumulated membership services. Since the 2000s, the membership framework has spread widely in the distribution industry, and accordingly, various marketing methodologies and analysis services using membership services have also emerged. In overseas, various premium memberships have been created from postal-based membership services, and premium memberships and small-scale local memberships that require membership have continued to develop.
Membership services have begun to change since 2010 by introducing premium services to manage and differentiate customer relationships since the development of ICT and the infrastructure to break away from service provision and regional limitations. It has grown rapidly in various fields, centering on the Subscription Economy, which began to be activated in 2019, and is now evolving into a business framework that creates new values and various types of service models combined with fintech services.
Despite the ever-developing membership economy-based framework being applied to various industries and the increasing number of service models through new attempts, the travel and tourism industry has yet to escape its initial mileage form. The ttinolja platform is a global service for travel and leisure culture that provide new values and better benefits to participants based on blockchain technology, linkage with related industries, and expansion of business models
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